Want to add more venues to Ephemeris? We have an API!

Ephemeris can collect event data expressed as schema.org "Event" entities. This is the same data format used by Google to show event information in search results. Using this format, you can provide information about the time, location, artist and price of an event.

To provide event data to Ephemeris:

  1. Create a web server that serves HTML pages with JSON-LD formatted schema.org "Event" entities. Only the JSON-LD data will be extracted; all other content on the page will be ignored.
  2. The HTML must contain a <meta> OpenGraph tag with og:email attribute. This will be used as a contact email in case Ephemeris API changes, there is a problem with your feed, and also to credit you for the event data. It will not be used for unsolicited emails.

    Example: <meta name="og:email" content="steve@example.com"/>

    If there is no og:email tag, your data will not be collected.
  3. The following Event properties are required: For best results, you should also include:


    <script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "http://schema.org",
      "@type": "Event",
      "startDate": "2020-02-06T20:00",
      "name": "LES JEUDIS IT'S LIT",
      "url": "https://www.foufouneselectriques.com/soirees-nights",
      "image": "https://static.wixst...00_0.01/crowdjeudi.webp",
      "location": {
        "@type": "Place",
        "name": "Foufounes Electriques",
        "address": "87 Ste-Catherine E., Montreal, Quebec",
        "url": "https://www.foufouneselectriques.com/"
      "offers": {
        "@type": "Offer",
        "price": "6.00"

  4. Use Google Structured Data Testing Tool to test your JSON-LD markup.
  5. Ephemeris will fetch new data from your server once a day. You should expose all known events for the current day and future days.

    Your web server must respond within 10 seconds. Otherwise, your data will not be collected.

  6. Email catalin@ephemeris.ca with the URL to your web server. We'll add your feed to Ephemeris and reply shortly!